As someone who is a fan of traditional motorsport and drifting, this was a refreshing article. There are too many drifting fans that constantly bitch about LS usage or act that D1 is untouchable and no FD driver can compare. That and most of the comments on want to make me punch a hole through the… » 7/05/14 5:47pm 7/05/14 5:47pm

Ok shit, first the Alpha platform, then the LT1, and now I know GM is going to base the styling on the early second gen F-bodies?! I know GM knows how to fuck up a lot of things, their current track record as of now has shown they don't know how to fuck up A. Performance cars and B. The styling of them (see ATS, C7).… » 6/26/14 2:09pm 6/26/14 2:09pm

Oh lord give me a break. I never got high performance SUVs that completely based around onroad performance (except the GMC Typhoon, but that's different). If they made a Dakar truck for the road that you could DD, then I would be much more interested. » 6/20/14 11:51am 6/20/14 11:51am

I honestly think Ford has one of the most underrated racing histories ever. Their WRC campaigns are legendary (even if they didn't always result in WCCs), their collaborations with Cosworth were great (F1 and Group C), and who can forget the GT40? Don't forget the various Touring/Stock car series they've been a part… » 6/20/14 11:47am 6/20/14 11:47am